OccupYrCorner, SD: StopTPP

From the OccupYrCorner Blog, dated July 15th, 2012:

All of June the members of OYC were busy working with The Coalition to Stop TPP on a week-long awareness event in July in San Diego to highlight and expose the dangers and recklessness of this latest “Free Trade” agreement the Corporations have cooked up.

Starting the week out with a major march rally outside of the Hilton where the talks were being held, OYC, OSD, various local groups and Unions took part in letting the delegates know: The People Are Here!

Then, all week, OYC were at the Hilton at noon each day holding signs, banners, having conversations, and handing out flyers to the delegates and passer-by about the weeklong events the Coalition planned: Teach-ins, Street Theater, Actions, and the big March!

Jun Haro, a video reporter from Japan, decided to follow us around and make us the focus of his report as we made a presence at the HIlton and took our Sidewalk March into the Gaslamp. He interviewed us all, as well as the people we talked with on the way… he couldn’t believe no one knew what TPP was!

Here’s the video he created! OYC How-To-Video?

We marched through the Gaslamp informing interested folks: making the diagonal corners of 5th and Island as well as the busy corner of 4th and Broadway our fave spots to get the info out.