San Diego Stop TPP Media Hits

Pacific Rim Trade Zone Talks Begin in SD: Opponents Peacefully Protest Proposed Trade Deal that Would Send Jobs to Low-Wage Countries

“This not only contributes to the nation’s severe unemployment problems, but it pushes down wages and benefits for the jobs we have left,” said Lorena Gonzalez, chief executive officer of the San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council. “That means a smaller tax base to support our schools, our infrastructure, and other critical services.”


Opponents Protest Trans-Pacific Free Trade Zone Talks

Opponents say the proposed trade deal would send jobs to low-wage countries, attack environmental and consumer safety standards, and expand the deregulation of banks, hedge funds and insurance companies, among other things.


AP: Pacific Rim Trade Talks Open in San Diego

Some negotiators “are lapdogs for the big corporations,” Ernest Verano, 49, an employee of a San Diego pharmaceutical company whose table displayed a handwritten sign criticizing the North American Free Trade Agreement.


Free Trade Negotiations Sneak Up on San Diego

San Diego Congressman Bob Filner has expressed dismay that the negotiations are not more public and noted that he voted against the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA.


Trans-Pacific Trade Zone Protest

A coalition of groups affiliated with the Occupy San Diego movement and organized labor say they will protest outside the hotel and a “Fair Trade Not Free Trade” rally led by the San Diego and Imperial County Labor Council will begin at noon in an adjacent park.


Occupy, Internet Freedom Groups Join Protests against “NAFTA of the Pacific”

“The administration has done everything it can to keep this under wraps, and we see that as a recipe for a bad deal,” he told In These Times.  “We’re calling for the TPP to come out of the shadows.”


Pacific Trade Talks Come to San Diego

“We’re not opposed to trade but we want it to be fair trade,” she said. “Our goal should be that the regulations that are put into trade agreements should bring the rest of the world up and not down.”